Guitar Lessons

  • I am a teacher of basically all electric and acoustic guitar styles to people of any ability and age.
  • I try to use an approach that several students have described as; ‘structured yet relaxed’, ‘productive and pleasurable’, ‘very enjoyable, supporting & informative’, ‘easy to follow’, and “pleasurable and inspiring’.


  1. Have you reached a plateau with your skill?
  2. Do you need to reach your musical goals sooner but don’t know how to progress with speed?
  3. Do you get frustrated with your guitar skills?
  4. Do you feel that improving your music theory understanding would help you progress?
  5. Have you ever had doubts as a guitar player?
  6. Do you know where you are heading in terms of guitar playing, but feel lacking in strategy to reach it?
  7. Maybe you don’t know which area to practice to reach your musical goals?
  8. Do you feel your approach to guitar learning if not as efficient as possible?
  9. Feel that you don’t have natural talent for playing guitar?
  10. Did you ever consider quiting playing guitar?
  11. Do you think that all the online content for learning guitar is now explanatory enough and more personalised information on application would be useful?
  12. Do you find that learning guitar has become tougher recently?